Tuition & Workshops

Learning with MoB provides you with unparalleled opportunity.

Whether an introductory workshop for fun, special occasion party, corporate team building, a masterclass at university, personal confidence coaching, act creation or one to one performance direction, we offer a holistic approach to attaining both realistic performance results and enhanced personal wellbeing.

“Ministry of Burlesque is the leading school  for aspiring burlesque artists”
The Independent

We are uniquely expert because…

  • We have enviable expertise, in-depth knowledge, conduct our own research and are widely lauded for actually shaping the modern genre itself.
  • We have working knowledge on theatre production with over 500+ productions  to date and a current personal network of theatre and media professionals.
  • We are highly educated and experienced in psychological wellbeing with our basis in personal development.

With our links to national theatres, corporate agencies and degree-level educational institutions, your potential is maximised. We have toured many emerging and now established stars of the modern burlesque stage and continue to support those we invest in.

Under 18?

We also offer an age-appropriate array of workshops and talks for teens who want to explore the artistic use of body, beauty and gender – in photographic and performance art gaining valuable skills, knowledge and confidence.

In the Workplace?

Gender roles, identity and expression in the workplace is often still be a taboo subject for some. For many, navigating understanding, respect and propriety can be as confusing as a Shakespearean act, performed by hamsters. So, what can MoB offer your people?

Inspired by over 2000 years of ribald, sassy comedy highlighting the inequalities and ambiguities among men and women in society, ‘Gender in a Blender’ playfully challenges participants to discover hidden prejudices, examine new perspectives for enhanced equality and respect. Afterall, we all want to be treated fairly and so we are all the “fairer” sex, aren’t we?

We have also featured on mainstream television and radio as teachers and educators: