The legendary Golden Nipple of Unity

The nipple: the perfect symbol of human diversity and, of unity. Whether represented in art or grown in real life, these (wo)manifestations of mammalian nurture have been the subject of great taboo, controversy and inexplicable shame. Today we stand together as one species under the stars, to unite against gender discrimination. At Ministry of Burlesque, we invite you to  join our ‘Nippleodeon’ and purchase from our range of items decorated with our diverse gender-anonymous nipple design.

Subvert the Shame with Chiffon! 

Our very own lightweight scarves, craftily designed with a veritable nation of nipples for all to be enjoyed/offended by. Perfect for when you want to breastfeed in public or change your attire on the beach. Keep abreast of the rules but ensure that as many nipples are on show as possible.

Cost: £21.21 on Red Bubble

BUY NOW – hide your shame with the anonymous nips of others!

Many other items are available in our Nippleodeon range on Red Bubble, such as:







Cushion £16.23       Chiffon Top £20.21   

Each nipple is uniquely expressed on the body, appearing in an infinite variety of sizes, colours, shapes, ages, textures… and we all have them. They are little human galaxies of epidermal wonder. It is absurd that these personal zones of sensitivity apparently need policing both on and offline. So much so that we feel they are the ultimate emblem of gender inequality. From controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public to product advertising, the history of nipple tassels in burlesque and rules surrounding sunbathing, our nips have been (and still are) co-opted for social discrimination. As liberal as the world of arts is considered to be, it too is not without gender inequality biases of its own (or as enforced by the status quo); there are often venue rules that only apply to female anatomy e.g. no nipples to be seen on stage (but male nips are fine). What of transgender women’s nipples? What of transgender men’s nipples? Gender non-binary nipples? Or are these nips in some sort of policy limbo? As producers we have yet to get a straight answer on this from venues. It has even informed our artistic contract, to the effect that we require all performers, crew, audience and so-on to cover their nips – if any one group is told they must.