FAQ You! Non-performing roles

I don’t perform – how else can I get involved in the Burlesque world?

The ever growing world of burlesque clubs and revues means that there is ever growing opportunity for stage managers, set designers, costume designers and technical people among many other things. Like most producers, we at MoB are always keen to find soubrettes – that’s the theatrical term for ‘pick up artists’, costumed stage-hands who help clear the stage of fallen items and garments shed during an act.

Burlesque is a form of theatre and any part of theatrical production is applicable here too. From artist liaison, DJ jobs, set design, costume making and flyer designing to event photography and music cuing, there is something for everyone.

Beyond the clubs and shows, creative people can get involved in running websites, groups and fan clubs. Some ambitious folks also try their hand at coordinating and promoting an event itself. This can be a very rewarding project to undertake but it involves a great deal of people management, a lot of investment – and a lot of risk. With so many people (not to mention expectant audiences) relying on you to represent their best interests, this role should not be undertaken lightly.

Why not ask on the community forums for local clubs and groups who might like some help or creative input?