FAQ You! Choosing a corset

How do I choose the correct corset for me?

When choosing a corset it is important that you get a well fitting one. Corsets vary not only in the size according to your waist, hips and bust but also in shape, length and style. Choosing which is right for you involves understanding the differences in the patterns – some cinch at the waist, other pull in at the ribs too, some emphasise the hips and others aim to reduce the hips.

There is no better substitute for trying an assortment on under the expert advice of a corsetiere. Make a point of doing so. A good corset can be an expensive purchase and it is important that you buy what is right for you. Typically, corsets are bought 4 inches smaller than the natural waist size and the laces are pulled at the back to reduce the waist toward this goal of closure. It is important that you do not over-cinch your waist. Being comfortable and healthy is priority. Try www.whatkatiedid.com  for beautifully made yet affordable vintage styles.