FAQ You! Hiring Talent

Where can I hire professional performers/producers?

Currently, there are only a handful of burlesque performers who are considered by the wider entertainment industry to be ‘professional  artists’ or genuine producers. These people are indeed few and are rare gems often with many imitators – but  there is a glorious ever-growing circuit of hobbyist and amateur performers, many of whom are gifted and extremely creative.  These people will be the stars of tomorrow.

Since modern burlesque is a niche and newly emerged industry it is wise to therefore be wary of people making grandiose claims to experience and industry knowledge. There are very few professional stars and even fewer professional producers and educators in this genre, world wide.

The rise in the genres’ popularity has led to a boom in new first-time performers taking to the stage as well as promoters and agencies looking to cash in, this is natural. Of course the growing popularity of burlesque has been wonderful boost of new life and energy to the genre but in tandem, there is also a bandwagon. With so many newcomers competing for status, opportunity and work, there has been increasing room for exploitation. The people who end up paying for this, are the customers (quite literally).

When choosing whom to work with, consider the following points:

How long have they really been operating? Burlesque is a specialized craft and a niche industry ( I keep saying this I know…). Whether it is an agency, teacher, promoter or a performer stating ‘ten years of business’, this might actually mean nine years and 10 months of operating in the adult industry and a few weeks under a new rebranded ‘burlesque’ image.

Ask for references from reputable clients and seek evidence from past press and media involvement. Have they produced any notable starlets or even stars? Have they produced anything at all beyond a webpage/self-advert?

 You get what you pay for. To perform burlesques well, it takes years of experience, natural aptitude and a professional attitude. To be considered ‘expert’ in anything it is estimated that ten thousand hours of practice must be acquired.  Burlesque is no different and few can make anywhere near this claim. I have 18 years experience as a model, nearly ten years performing in burlesque specifically and now five years of full time research and operation as a producer and agent – yet the term ‘expert’ is still something to strive for!

Those among the small professional set of burlesque artists command their high fees accordingly. Be wary of agencies or performers offering to undercut established entertainers. Decide what you want and then be sure to get it – not a  vague substitute. You can contact us for advice on booking (after all, I am the ‘cat who gets the cream of burlesque’) or visit our production company here.