FAQ You! How do I start performing?

How do I get involved in performing Burlesque?

First of all, do a bit of research to find out what tickles you the most. Discover the variety and history of it all. The online forums host a plethora of magazine articles here which should help, and a short history of burlesque can be found here. Whether you fancy being a performer, muse, photographer, critic, artist, stage manager, costumer, stylist or all round enthusiast, the Ministry of Burlesque can help you get started and provide guidance along the way. Why not come to our acclaimed shows or check our local clubs and scene groups too?

Anyone wishing to join in the fun of the burlesque scene and make new friends should join the Ministry of Burlesque community . The MoB is a community set up to help new-comers get started, enthusiasts to meet and chat about their favourite things and to help professional performers and promoters network with one another. With over 20,000 unique visitors every day, the MoB Forums are the online hub of the burlesque world.

Choose your styles wisely to suit your personality (are you comfortable revealing your derriere or political persuasions to strangers?), body shape (do you feel good styled this way?) and lifestyle (do you have a job or career that might conflict with some styles?) and be sure to be loyal to what you want to do – not simply what others seem to be doing. Once you have some ideas, why not take up tuition  with the us? The MoB offer affordable, professional tuition from experienced and insured instructors who will teach you the essential burlesque basics, presentation skills and various style techniques – as well as specialist skills and promotional methods.